Big Ideas Push the

Right Boundaries

Buzz is a business metric, and we love getting creative to help clients change the trajectory of their brands and marketing efforts.

We are Doers & Makers.

Kismet is an agency aligned with clients who are inspired by and value flexibility, health and purpose. In addition to traditional marketing and business development solutions, Kismet provides niche B2B services for professional services firms.

Emily Whitley


A bundle of enthusiasm, Emily could be the poster-woman for career satisfaction and community involvement. As an advertising executive and business development professional, her formula for success is strategic and contagious. She has led marketing strategy and championed growth of companies for nearly 15 years. The duality of working on both the agency and the client side has groomed her to make things happen. This translates into being both the visionary and the doer. She is an implementer of ideas.

Lindsey Cheatham


Lindsey’s psych test shows a perfectly balanced left and right brain. It’s why she’s both a storm of imagination and creativity while also oddly sequenced and particular. It’s hard to believe until you experience her mind-blowing branding and staggering ability to meet deadlines.

Those who are closest to Lindsey will tell you she’s lived nine lives. An old soul with enormous generosity, she’s intensely loyal and cares tirelessly about her work. It’s why each of our clients feel like they are her favorite. 

Jess Haney


300 – the number of children Jess taught and inspired during her 15 years in public education. She’s a patient, assertive, balanced saint. Really, it’s enviable. The lady really can juggle it all. For the agency, Jess converts her ability to lead, direct and manage into controlling our operations and overseeing Kismet’s strategic partners.

Jess sets (and meets!) a high bar in every aspect of her life. As an educator, she met the profession’s highest standards by becoming a National Board Certified teacher. She is also an invested volunteer at church, runs an impressive agenda, and selflessly applies her time to her family and friendships. The outcome for Kismet is an efficiently run firm where our clients and partnerships come first.

Lynsey Ryan


In an alternate reality, Lynsey would trade her creative intuition for a life as a zoologist working with elephants. Perhaps that’s why her clients describe her as innately confident, a quiet leader who is slow to rattle.

Her minimalist design aesthetic is proof she doesn’t care for too much of any one thing. Whitespace is her happy place – along with any opportunity to learn more and apply her inquisitory nature to our projects.


When It Just Fits

Our culture is a combination of like-minded folks who we call our clients, partners and friends. We work with people who share our common values and qualities, which include being positive, polite, honest, creative, ethical, high-empathy, grateful and tirelessly helpful.

It’s this common ground that energizes us for our families, cultivates our creative ideas and makes us smile doing the work we enjoy for the people we love.